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Fishers, IN  46038 - Corner 141st & Highway 37 



1. Crab Rangoon Family recipe, homemade deep fried wonton with crabmeat, cream cheese, onion - $6.99
2. Shrimp Rangoon Same Rangoon recipe with fried shrimp with crabmeat, cream cheese, onion - $7.99
3. Spring Roll Deep fried vegetable roll served with sweet chili sauce - $6.99
Spring Rolls
4. Summer Roll Fresh vegetable wrapped with rice paper served with spicy lemon Chili sauce and Thai peanut sauce - Vegetarian: $6.99, Chicken or Shrimp: $7.99
5. Fried Tofu Fried tofu served with sweet chili sauce or Thai peanut sauce - $6.99 (Sweet chili sauce and Thai peanut sauce) - $7.49
6. Fried Calamari Bettered and fried Calamari and vegetable served with Chili sauce - $8.99
7. Shrimp Patty Thai seasoned spicy shrimp mix with green bean, eggs, lime leaf - $7.49
8. Chicken Wings Wing marinated with Thai seasoning served with sweet chili sauce - $7.99
9. Dumplings Streamed wraps with chicken, shrimp, egg, mushroom, bamboo, chestnut served with sweet soy sauce - $6.99
10. Curry Puff Fried Thai pastry stuff with Yellow curry powder, chickens, potatoes, onions - $5.99
11. Satay Chicken Grilled chicken on skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce - $7.99
12. Shrimp Tempura Deep fried bettered Shrimp and Vegetable served with sweet chili sauce - $8.99
13. Appetizer Combo Choose 3: Spring roll, Fried Tofu, Chicken Wings, Crab Rangoon, Fried Calamari, Satay chicken, Shrimp Tempura - $15.99


19. Wonton Chicken Soup Light chicken broth with carrots, onions, and cilantro:  $10.99
20. Spicy Lemongrass soup Spicy and sour lemongrass soup with mushroom, tomatoes, galanga, cilantro and lime juice - Small vegetarian: $4.99, Chicken or shrimp: $5.99; Large vegetarian: $8.99, Chicken or shrimp: $10.99
21. Coconut Milk Soup Chicken coconut milk soup with mushrooms, onions, tomato - Small: $5.99, Large: $10.99
22. Bean Thread Noodles Soup Clear broth soup with bean tread noodles - Ground chicken, or vegetarian: $10.99
23. Rice Noodles Soup Rice noodles soup with chicken or vegetarian - $10.99; Shrimp or Beef - $12.99
24. Seafood Soups Spicy and sour lemongrass soup with mushroom - Tomatoes, galanga, cilantro and lime juice: $12.99


25. House Salad Mix all vegetable with Thai salad dressing - $5.99
26. Grilled Beef/Pork Spicy salad with red onion, chili, lime juice, mint - $8.99
27. Calamari Salad Spicy salad with mint, cilantro, onion, lime juice - $8.99
28. Grilled Shrimp Salad Grilled shrimp with spicy salad sauce, mint, Cilantro, onions - $8.99
29. Seafood Salad Spicy salad with mint, cilantro, onion, lime juice - $10.99
30. Ground chicken Salad (Larb) Ground chicken with Roasted rice powder, Onion, Cilantro, mint, lime juice - Choice Chicken or Tofu: $9.99, Ground Beef: $11.99
31. Papaya Salad Green papaya with spicy sauce, green bean, lime juice, tomatoes, topped with ground peanut - Thai style: $7.99, Lao style with crab: $9.99

Fried Rice and Noodles

(Please Indicate Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, or Thai Hot) Entrees choice of: Chicken,  vegetarian Add Shrimp or Beef for $2.00 or Mix Seafood for $4.00

40. Fried Rice Fried rice with egg, and onion - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
41. Basil Fried Rice Spicy fried rice with egg, peppers, onion, and basil - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
42. Pineapple Fried Rice Fried rice with pineapples, cashew nut, onions, tomatoes - Chicken: $12.99
43. Crab Fried Rice Fried rice with real crab meat, eggs, tomatoes, onions - $14.99
44. Drunken Noodles Stir fry wide noodles with mix vegetable mushroom, tomatoes and basil - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
45. Seew Noodles Stir fry wide noodles with eggs, broccoli, carrots and Buck-Choy - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
Flat Noodles
46. Ladd Nar Noodles Wide noodles with gravy sauce, broccoli, onion, carrot - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
47. Mee Ga Tee Coconut flavored rice noodles top with peanut sauce, Bean spout, ground peanut, green onion, fried red onion - Ground chicken: $11.99
48. Woon Sen Noodles Bean thread noodles stir fried with mix Vegetable, mushroom, and onions - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
49. Crispy Noodles Crispy egg noodles stir fried with mix vegetable top with gravy sauce - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
50. Pad Thai Rice noodles stir fry with eggs, bean sprout, onions topped with ground peanut - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99

Stir Fry Entrees

(Please Indicate Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, or Thai Hot) Entrees choice of: Chicken, vegetarian Add Shrimp or Beef for $2.00 or Mix Seafood for $4.00 (Substitution of Brown Rice or Steamed Rice for $1.00) Extra Meat $2 each

60. Spicy Basil Spicy stir-fry of peppers, onions, basil, green beans, and mushroom - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
61. Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour stir fry with grapes, cucumber, onions, carrots pineapples, water chestnuts, tomatoes (battered meat) - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
62. Veggie Variety Stir fried green vegs, mushroom, onion, carrot, corn, pea - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
63. Cashew Chicken Chicken stir fried onions, mushroom, bamboo, cashew nuts, chestnuts, carrots, baby corn - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
64. Ginger Favor Fresh ginger, onions, mushroom, corn, carrots stir-fry - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
65. Beef Oyster Beef stir fry with onions, mushroom, pepper, and baby corn - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
66. Eggplant Spicy Basil Japanese eggplant stir fry mixed with basil, onions, and peppers - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
67. Pad Ped Red chili paste stir fry with bamboo, green bean, Thai eggplant, pepper and basil (hot) - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
68. Devil's Pepper Chili paste stir fry with peppers, green beans, and lime leaves (hot) - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
69. O'Cha Garlic Stir-fry with garlic served with Sriracha sauce - Chicken, Vegetarian: $11.99
70. Orange Chicken Battered Chicken stir fry with Special Orange sauce - $12.99
71. Wok Fried Macaroni  Sauteed elbow pasta with egg, bell pepper, green beans, basil (meat or vegetarian): $11.99

Curry (Made With Coconut Milk)

Entrees choice of: Chicken, vegetarian Add Shrimp or Beef for $2.00 Or Seafood for $4.00 (Substitution of brown rice for steamed rice: $1.00) Extra Meat $2 each

80. Masaman Curry Spicy peanut flavored curry stew with potatoes, onions, carrots, cashew nuts (Medium Hot) - $11.99
81. Panang Curry Spicy curry mixed with green beans and lime leaves (Medium Hot) - $11.99
82. Yellow Curry Spicy curry mixed with cucumbers, onions, carrots, potatoes and peppers (Medium Hot) - $11.99
83. Red Curry Spicy curry made with dried red chili peppers mixed with Thai eggplant, beans, basil, and bamboo - $11.99
84. Green Curry Extra Spicy curry made with fresh green chili peppers, mixed with Thai eggplant, beans, basil, and bamboo (Extra Hot) - $11.99
85. Mango Curry Spicy Curry with base of Red curry with Mango, tomatoes, carrot (Med Hot) - $11.99
86. Jungle Curry Red curry with vegetable broth mix with vegetable, bamboo, banana pepper, basil,lime leaves, Krachay (Med-Hot) - $11.99
87. Northern Thailand Curry with Egg Noodles Egg noodles in a sweet chicken curry soup topped with crispy noodles (onion, chili, lemon on side)  (chicken breast meat or drumstick) - $12.99

Thai O'Cha Seafood

90. Tilapia Whole fish (head to tail) served with steamed rice - $15.99
Choose One:
Rad Prik: Deep fried topped with peppers, onions, and basil sauce
Sam Ros: Deep fried topped with 3 flavor sauce: sweet, sour, chili
Lime juice: Steamed topped with garlic, peppers, and lime juice (extra hot) - $17.99
Ginger Sauce: Steamed topped with soy bean, lime juice, in ginger sauce - $17.99
91. Catfish Curry Catfish in spicy green curry mixed with coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo, green beans and basil (extra hot) - $15.99
92. Pottery Shrimp Shrimp with fresh ginger, green onion, bean thread noodles cooked in clay pot - $14.99
93. Spicy Basil Seafood Spicy stir-fry seafood with peppers, onions, mushrooms, beans and basil leaves - $15.99
94. Salmon Sam Ros Deep fried salmon fillet topped with sweet & sour sauce served with vegetables - $15.99
95. Chuchee Shrimp Sautéed jumbo shrimp with chuchee sauce, Topped with coconut milk and lime leaves (Med-Hot) - $15.99
96.Chuchee Catfish Sautéed fillet catfish with chuchee sauce, lime leaves - $15.99

Small Sides

  Small Regular Large
Peanut Sauce $1.00 $3.00 $6.00
Steamed Rice -- $1.50 $3.00
Sticky Rice (not sweet) -- $2.00 --
Brown Rice -- $2.00 --

Kid's Menu  (12 and under please)

Please inform your server if you have food allergies.
Kid's Pad Thai  Chicken and rice noodles stir fried with egg - $6.99
Kid's Fried Rice Fried rice with chicken (12 years and under) - $6.99
Chicken Fingers Chicken fingers served with French fries - $5.99
Kid's Macaroni and Cheese Ebow pasta and cheddar cheese - $5.99


Fresh Mango with sticky RicE (Season only) - $5.99
Thai Tapioca Pudding Tapioca mixed with taro, coconut meat topped with coconut milk - $3.99
Fried Bananas Fried bananas topped with honey - $4.99
Mango ice cream $3.50 (with sticky rice or fried bananas - $4.75)
Fried Ice Cream $4.99 (thinly breaded crispy outside with ice cream inside
Coconut ice cream   $3.50 (with sticky rice or fried banana - $4.75)
Vanilla ice cream  $3.00 (with sticky rice or fried banana - $4.50)
Sweet Sticky Rice  $3.00 (good with other dessert or alone)
Caramel Custard Pudding $3.99  (a traditional favorite)
Pumpkin Custard with sticky rice $4.99 (new popular addition)

Dinner Beverages

HOT DRINKS Thai Hot Coffee (mixed with cream and sugar): $2.00
HOT COFFEE  Honeyed Chrysanthemum or Thai Ginger Tea: $2.00 (one time refill: $0.75)0
HOT TEA   Jasmine Tea, Green Tea, or Oolong Tea: $1.75 (Extra Tea Bag: $0.25)
SOFT DRINKS  Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Ice Tea, Sprite: $1.99
COLD DRINKS Thai Iced Tea or Thai Iced Coffee: $2.50 (sweet thai tea topped with milk, no refunds)
COCONUT JUICE 100% Coconut juice with fresh coconut: $2.99
Special Drink Thai Bubble Ice Tea, Thai Green Bubble Tea: $3.59
Thai Tea

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